Acne Face Soap

₦ 6,000

Reduces the appearance of acne scars,unclog block pores, smooth and brightens the skin. Sunscreen with high SPFs

Acne Face Toner


This toner is an acne eraser, it prevents both new and old acne from forming, smoothens the skin and clears the most stubborn acne.

Oat & Almonds Milk Body Wash

₦ 10,000

Moisturizes and rejuvenate the skin, gives an even skin tone, this wash leaves the skin extremely smooth and fresh. It smells amazing as well.

Carrot and Avocado Body Oil

₦ 8,000

Infused with 100% avocado and carrot oil which moisturized and heal your skin, prevent the skin from sun damage, glows, hydrates and locks in moisture all day long.

Flawless Face Cream

₦ 7,000

This amazing face cream is formulated to suit all skin types, it clears spot, brightens amazingly well, rejuvenates the skin. It has anti aging properties which makes the skin so fresh and youthful.

French Body Butter


Made with pure Shea butter and coconut milk, which help to smoothen rough skin, rejuvenate, fades stretch marks, brightens, clears inner dark thigh and evens out the skin tone.